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French Home Decor on Saveur du Jour

How to decorate your home

The right decoration choices are more than just the last touch of a room. They can really bring forth its true potential, and make it look much better and more pleasant to the eye. The whole mood of a room can be improved with the right palette and wise finishing details. Decoration is more than just placing some ornaments around and picking the color of the drapery. It’s about giving a room its identity and selecting which effect it’s likely to have on you as soon as you walk in.

Of course, when you choose your decoration style, you must make sure that your entire home decor is in harmony with the style of the house, as well as your own lifestyle. Otherwise, it will get in your way, or at least stick out unaesthetically. When you choose your decorations, you must ask yourself, "what do I want for my house, what style do you want it to have?". Is it minimalistic or profuse? Classic or modern? Will you get Eastern inspiration, European inspiration, eclectic inspiration...? What will it be?

It is always a good idea to get inspiration from design magazines and even home decor blogs in the Internet, even an opinion from a professional decorator. Anything will add up to help you design your indoor spaces as good as possible. Even if you let your personal taste into the mix, you have to bear in mind that everything must go together. You might feel the temptation to include certain ornaments or colors that you happened to like, but then realize that they don’t fit with the rest of the space, or other spaces of the house, so they don’t look as good as you thought.

One great strategy for preventing this kind of thing is to pick certain decoration items and styles that have become timeless classics, by their own merit. They are designed with such passion and sense of style that they will fit any room and elevate it, giving it a more complex sense of elegance or sophistication. Here let’s briefly check one of those styles that has become a classic in home decoration.

A touch of France in your house

Yes, French home decor it is. For hundreds of years, the French culture has evolved and developed a very unique and elaborated identity, that now has become recognizable around the world. It’s simple, yet elegant. Romantic, and powerful. Cozy and welcoming. Classy and timeless. A French touch in your home will make any space look better.

You don’t need to design whole rooms or even entire houses dedicated to the French style. You can just add a detail here and there, small French touches that will do the job. After all, these pieces are so masterfully designed that they will work even in small doses around the place.

If you get ideas for French style decoration, you will find lots of items that will suit perfectly your spaces. And there is no better place where to find those pieces than France itself. They will be authentic, and crafted with the spirit and the style that make French things unique. Now, unless you travel to France, you might think it’s highly unlikely for you to find real French decoration pieces for your home, right? Well, here is an idea on how to buy home decor directly from France and right to your doorstep.

Saveur du Jour

Saveur du Jour is an online store based in France and the United States. Here, you can buy French products directly from the source and have them delivered anywhere in the USA or the UK in a couple of days. Some of the products you can find at Saveur du Jour include a wide range of French style home decorations, ornaments and pieces. You can also find French food, gifts for all purposes and many other interesting items manufactured in Provence.

Saveur du Jour is a great store for France lovers as well as any other person who wants a touch of French style in their lives. We strongly suggest that you browse their catalogue and enjoy seeing the vast variety of items you have at your disposal. Make your purchase and have it delivered on your very doorstep in just a few days. You don’t need to do any paperwork or take any more time than just clicking the pictures you like. They will take charge of all that’s needed so you can have your French products at home.

Finally, you may want to take a big step and buy a home in France! Many people from the UK have bought a house in Normandy or in Perigord, and they go there during their holidays or a few months a year. If you are interested by that option, click here to find more information about houses for sale in France.


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