Secure Paper shredding Surrey

Why shred at all?

Much has been said about the importance of owning a shredder at your office, and even in some cases, your own home. But is it worth it? Why would you bother shredding all those papers when you can simply throw them away in the garbage can? Even if you don't want them to be whole, you can rip them apart with your own hands before throwing them. After all, what could possibly happen with those papers anyway? Why should you bother buying a shredding machine or even hiring a shredding company to handle your documents and paper waste for you?

Now, if you take a closer look at all the documents, bills and papers you throw to the bin, you would be surprised to realize how much personal information is printed on them. Something as simple as your telephone bill has your whole name and address, contact information and personal data, as well as some numbers regarding your private finances and payment methods. Bank documents and account summaries are even more sensitive, because they have plenty of data on your personal finances and bank transactions. All of that information may be used for fraud purposes or identity theft. Someone can steal money from you with that, or do transactions in your name. They can use that information for extorsion or other ill-intended purposes.

Even when it comes to everyday documents from your household, you can see how important it is to keep that information safe. And this is just the beginning, because when we talk about a company or institution, things get even more dangerous.

Shredding documents for corporate security

If you take some time to consider it, you would quickly realize how much information is found on documents and files in companies, government offices, organizations and other entities. They keep records of customers or service users, including personal information, their history and sometimes, their financial details. Places like banks, schools and universities, hospitals and clinics, and of course public records, among many others, have your personal and contact data and detailed records on several aspects of your life. Were those documents to fall in the wrong hands, people you don't know might learn a lot about you, and use that information for fraud or identity theft among many others.

If you are a customer of a company or service provider of some sort, you will want your personal information to be protected, otherwise you wouldn't feel safe with them, and would probably not even use their services at all. On the other side, companies must understand the importance of keeping their files safe, including customer records and portfolios, as well as their own documents, bills, memos, bank documents and accountancy. 

Unlike many people believe, it isn't enough to own a paper shredder, because those devices only partially destroy papers, cards and documents. The stripes of paper can be put back together like pieces of a puzzle, by someone very motivated and patient. If you really want to keep your documents safe, you need to take one step further and call the specialists with all the big equipment.

Shredding companies

Shredding services are a must for companies and institutions with paper records on their clients or users. Not only will it make customers feel more safe about their personal information, so they will be more likely to trust the company; also, it will prevent data leaks that might affect the company's reputation and portfolio severely. 

You need to get in contact with a reliable shredding company who will take care of your paper waste and make sure all your documents are carefully destroyed and later recycled, so there is nothing left for third parties to reconstruct your personal data and do anything with it. For lesser inconvenience and time investment, you can hire a company like Shred First who will perform door-to-door shredding. They have special vehicles equipped with shredding technology, so they come to your location and do all the shredding on site. They will later take the paper waste away, straight to the recycling plant.

When you work with a reputable shredding company, you become more attractive to potential customers who have reasons to worry about the safety of their personal data. Companies that handle their clients' personal and/or sensitive inforamtion, like banks and financial firms, can benefit a lot from this sort of investment. Hiring a shredding company can seem like a pointless expense at first, but once you become aware of its importance, you easily understand that it is fundamental to have one by your side.


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